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22.04.2005 18:07 piątek
Strony i narzędzia walutowe

Bloomberg Financial Markets
CQG - Commodity Quote Graphics
Data Broadcasting Corp.
Market Maker
Pronet Analytics
Reuters Financial Information
Timing Laboratory
Trade Station Omega Research

Informacje o walutach

AFXpress: AFX Financial News
American Stock Exchange
Applied Derivatives Trading
Bonds Online
CNN financial network
CNN Interactive
Currency News from Yahoo
Dismal Scientist
Finance Watch
Finance Asia
Financial Times on-line
Futures Magazine
FX Week
Global Investor
Investors Business Daily
Kiplinger Online:
Kyodo News
Learn to trade the fx market with a proven forex trading method.
PACIFIC at University of British Columbia:
Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities:
The Banker
Hedge Funds
The Economist:
The Gate by The San Francisco Chronicle:
The New York Times
The Toronto Star:
Day Trading
The Wall Street Journal
UK City Media:

Strony o tematyce walutowej

Blagovna Borza
Chicago Board of Trade
Chicago Board Options Exchange
Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Coffee, Sugar & Coco Exchange Inc
Hong Kong Futures Exchange
Kansas City Board of Trade
London International Financial Futures Exchange
London Metal Exchange
Malaysia Monetary Exchange Bhd
Matif France
MEFF Renta Fija
Mid America Commodity Exchange
Minneapolis Grain Exchange
NASD Regulation, Inc.
New Zealand Futures & Options Exchange
New York Mercantile Exchange
New York Stock Exchange
NYCE cotton citrus Finex NYFE
Philadelphia Stock Exchange
Singapore International Monetary Exchange Ltd.:
Sydney Futures Exchange
The South African Futures Exchange
The Tokyo International Financial Futures Exchange
Tokyo Grain Exchange
Trading tips

Traders and Investment Books

Exclusive Interbank Access for Professionals

Waluty na giełdach

Chicago Board of Trade Quotes and Data
Chicago Mercantile Exchange price quotes
Kansas City Board of Trade
Matif Quotes and Market Data
New York Mercantile Exchange Price Quotes
New York Stock Exchange Price Quotes


Bank of Montreal:
Bank of America: zarządzanie ryzykiem
Bankers Trust / Deutsche Bank
Barclays Capital
Chase Manhattan
Deutsche Bank - Foreign Exchange
International Monetary Fund
Julius Baer
Rand Merchant Bank:
Royal Bank of Canada:
The Toronto- Dominion Bank:
The World Bank: raporty sektorowe i ekonomiczna baza danych
Wachovia - formerly First Union

Statystyki rządowe

Consumer Price Index inflacja USA
Economic Cycle Research Institute (ECRI)
Economic Statistics Briefing Room: statystyki ekonomii USA
H.M. Treasury raporty finansowe Anglia
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry - Japan
Nomura Research Institute - Japan
Office for National Statistics - UK
Statistic Bureau & Statistic Center - Japan
The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis:
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
U.S. Bureau of the Census:
U.S. Department of Commerce:
U.S. Department of the Treasury:
U.S. Economic Indicators (United States Congress)

Agencje, agendy, stowarzyszenia

American Petroleum Institute
Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Systems (FRS)
Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Conference Board
European Union On-Line
FTSE International (FTSE index) - UK
Futures Industry Association
International Organization of Securities Commissions
Managed Funds Association:
Ministry of Finance - Japan
National Association of Purchasing Management (NAPM)
National Bureau of Economic Research, Inc (NBER)
National Introducing Broker Association
Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet
Securities and Exchange Commission
Securities and Futures Authority
Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong
The Securities and Investment Board:
The Bank of England
World Gold Council

Wymiana i handel

Beating The Trend
Custom Trading Solutions, Inc.
Global View
QQQ Trading System
Some Free TradeStation Code
Trade Signals
Traders Floor
Trading Glossary
Turtle Trade System

Strategie i zarządzanie ryzykiem walutowym

Contingency Analysis
Derivatives Strategy
GARP Global Association of Risk Professionals
Hedge Fund Center
VaR Resources Value at Risk zarządzanie ryzykiem walutowym

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